Sunday, January 13, 2008

Walk for Life - CFC-FFL

Very Important Information - please read (and forward to others)!!
We are only days away from the 4th Annual Walk for Life West Coast on Saturday January 19, 2008! Here are some important updates and reminders to note:
This year we are gathering approximately 100 yards west of our previous location and will now be in the Lawn Area of Justin Herman Plaza. Please refer to the map on our website for reference.
You are invited to participate in a one-time-only teleconference and web simulcast featuring our speakers who will share the latest news from the front lines of the pro-life movement and talk about details of our upcoming Walk for Life. Go here for more details and encourage all your friends to join us.
We are hoping that the 4th annual Walk for Life will mark the year that Sarah's Law passes...we need your help. Please be sure to 1) sign the petition at the end of the Walk (if you have not already done so) and 2) take home a signature gathering kit and commit to filling two petition sheets – a total of 10 signatures. Kits will be available at the Marina Greens. If you are coming on a chartered bus, your kits will be provided to you when you return to your bus. Together we can make a huge difference!
EWTN'S LIFE ON THE ROCK - Don't miss it this week!
This week’s guests are “our very own” Joe and Patricia Brower! As you may recall, Joe and Patricia, residents of the Bay Area, were last year’s recipients of the Gianna Molla Award for Pro Life Heroism. Their heroic story of carrying two babies to term, despite knowing the little one’s wouldn’t survive once born touched us all, and certainly warranted our Award. Well, God is truly great as are His Blessings…tune in Life on the Rock which airs Thursday night at 7:00 pm to hear of the glorious new chapter in their lives. [Hint: it involves not one, but 2 healthy additions to the Brower family!!]
Once again, we will provide shuttles to transport folks from the end of the Walk, at Marina Green, back to Justin Herman Plaza. PLEASE NOTE: This year the ONLY folks allowed on these shuttles are BART riders and the drivers of vehicles parked back at Justin Herman Plaza. It will be the Driver’s responsibility to drive back to Marina Green to collect your passengers. We greatly appreciate everyone respecting this request as it will go a long way to avoid the extreme lines and waiting times of last year.
To see if a motor coach is coming from your area, click here; or to register your group's bus, click here.
We encourage you (and your children) to make your own positive signs promoting the pro-life and pro-adoption message and/or signs or banner identifying your school, church or group. We will also provide Women Deserve Better than Abortion signs at the start of the Walk. In the interests of reaching out to women hurting from abortion, we respectfully request you refrain from bringing graphic signs and images of aborted fetuses.
There is good nearby paid parking at the Rally on Washington and Drum/Clay (Golden Gateway Garage). This is also indicated on our website here.
We encourage everyone to bring your still and video cameras and take pictures along the Walk. If you get some great shots, please send them to us via email or at the address on our website. We will try to post the best pictures on our Website after the Walk. If you shoot great video, consider submitting a movie version to Cinema Vita Film Festival.
The Walk for Life West Coast is fully committed to the right of peaceful protest. In past years, vociferous counter protesters were present (though the 2006 opposition was much smaller than in 2005). Please come prepared to be 100% peaceful. This is our greatest contribution to the pro-life movement. We understand for some it may be a challenge to not engage in dialogue when confronted with such hostility, so if you are unable to commit yourself to peaceful participation, please consider joining the thousands around the world who will be with us in prayer.
As mentioned above, we expect counter-demonstrators, but we have learned that Planned Parenthood, NOW and NARAL are again choosing to ignore WFL so the opposition's numbers will likely be low again. Regardless, San Francisco's finest will be out in force (300 police officers on foot, motorcycle, horseback, SUVs and even a helicopter!) as well as hundreds of volunteer security. Walk for Life is a family event. You and your children are safe and will feel safe too!
There will be an information fair at the end of the Walk. Various organizations will pass out information regarding pro-life issues, including how to get help in a crisis pregnancy and healing for abortion. If you would like to have a booth at the faire send an email to
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